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Privacy Policy

Sigma Electronics (hereafter “Sigma”) recognizes that the protection of information that can identify individuals (hereafter “personal information”) is a social duty of Sigma and an important task for business operations, and is thus committed to implementing the following privacy policy.

Formulation and continuous improvement of compliance program for the protection of personal information

Sigma educates its executives and employees about the importance of personal information, has formulated a compliance program for the protection of personal information, and is systematically implementing it. Further, Sigma is committed to maintaining and continuously improving this program.

Collection, use and distribution of personal information

Along with establishing a management system for personal information according to operating conditions within Sigma, Sigma will carry out the collection, use and distribution of personal information in an appropriate manner according to the applicable rules and regulations.

Implementation of safety measures

Sigma will devise rational safety measures to ensure the accuracy and the safety of personal information, protecting it from illegal access, leaks, destruction, loss, and alteration.

Respect of rights of information subject

Sigma will respect the rights of the information subject as pertain to personal information, and if the information subject requests disclosure, correction, or deletion of own information, or refuses the uses or distribution of own information, Sigma will comply insofar as reasonable in light of conventional wisdom and customs.

Observance of laws pertaining to personal information

Sigma will observe laws and ordinances that apply to the handling of personal information. Moreover, Sigma will design its compliance program for the protection of personal information so that it reflects such laws and ordinances.

Purpose of use of personal information

The personal information of customers (name, contact information, etc.) may be used for the following purposes by Sigma Electronics.

  1. Introduction of products handled by Sigma (measuring instruments, testing equipment, etc.)
  2. Provision of and guidance about after-sales services for the products handled by Sigma.
  3. Provision of information about exhibitions, events, seminars, etc.
  4. Marketing surveys (surveys, etc.)
  5. Communications regarding Sigma’s operations, etc.

Management of personal information

Sigma will devise strict safety measures to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration, leaks, and illegal access of personal information, according to the applicable laws and ordinances. Moreover, in the case of outsourcing or subcontracting, such as of shipping services, Sigma will select only companies that have signed the required confidentiality agreements, and ensure proper handling.


Inquiries regarding the management of personal information by Sigma should be addressed in writing to the following address.