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Engineers in Sigma Electronics are always improving their skills not only their specialized area but also wide related fields such as production engineering etc. Sigma Electronics can produce unique products with the engineers.

I have joined major steel manufacturing company after graduation from university, and worked as an engineer of plant maintenance.

At 39 years old, I leaved the steel company and established engineering and design office. The engineering office has grown as present Sigma Electronics Co. Ltd.

At the present time, Sigma Electronics is holding more than 60% domestic market share at balancing instruments field. Sigma Electronics has entered world-wide machinery market.

Sigma Electronics always develop the products including major peripheral equipment by our own technologies with the first priority to meet customer’s requirements. We have developed servo motor controller, multi-axis NC machine tool controller etc. by our unique technologies. It means our products have optimized and reliable performance and we can rapidly deal with any troubles.

A field balancer equipped with newly developed “Multi-speed Multi-plane Balancing” provides totally optimized balancing at all range of rotational speed, even if rotor has troublesome behavior. Conventional field balancing offers minimize vibration only at one specified rotational speed. Least square algorithm is effectively used to minimize vibration at all operating conditions.

The field balancer equipped with Multi-speed Multi-plane balancing has contributed various industrial area, and has been awarded from the Japan society of precision engineering (JSPE) on 2006, Ministry of economy, trade and industry on 2009, and Japan society of mechanical engineers (JSME) on 2014. Sigma will expand to the field of vibration measurement. We will contribute our efforts to realize smooth and quiet rotating machinery.