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Field balancer exclusively for grinding wheels. The Japanese firstly developed a grinding wheel balancer to balance not only grinding wheel but also including spindle.


1.Integrated in attaché case
2.Display measured results and procedure on 7-seg. LED
3.Easy operation by dedicated sheet key


1.Ultra-compact handy type
2.Touch screen color LCD
3.Battery power can be used in factories or fields.
4.Balancing speed up to 61,000min–1
5.USBport, microSD card slot


Most of precision grinder as Surface grinder, Forming grinder, Centerless grinder, Cylindrical grinder




Effect of grinding wheel balance

•Cutting resistance becomes steady by balancing grinding wheel
•Surface roughness can be improved by steady cutting resistance.
•Life time of grinding wheel can be extended because of uneven wear is prevented by balancing.

High accuracy and efficient

•Resolution: 0.001μm
•Measures grinding wheel during rotating on grinding machine. So, possible to perform unbalance correction of the whole of grinding wheel including spindle. It causes long life and maintain high accuracy of grinding machines.

Fix-speed 8001G Fix-speed 8001GB

Display phase and amplitude of vibration simultaneously

•Dedicated touch key and large 7-seg LED provides easy operation.(8001G)
•Touch screen color LED and help function provides easy operation.(8001GB)
•Measuring range is selected automatically.

High accuracy and efficient balancing

•Easy operation by dedicated touch key(8001G)
•Selectable method of Polar coordinates or Components of unbalance vector

Balancing high-speed rotating machinery

•Multivariate analysis over 1,000min-1

USB Interface

•With our utility software, the measurement results can now be transferred directly onto your PC as CSV files and MS-Excel reports.


PDFカタログ 技術資料

SB-8001G: Integrated in attaché case
Dimensions: 385(W)x120(L)×255(H)mm
Mass: Approx.4.3kg

SB-8002RB: Instrument and all accessories are stored in an attaché case.(8001GB)
Dimensions: 385(W)x120(L)×255(H)mm
Mass: Approx.4.3kg


Specifications: SB-8001series