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Field Balancer SB-7706RB series

SB-7706RB series is the unique to defuse 3D(X,Y,Z) vibrations by “Multi-speed Multi-plane Balancing Algorithm” for preventing vibration at wide speed range of flexible rotor with higher order of bending modes.
•Rechargeable battery model is available.


•Variable-speed Spindle of Machining Center, Textile and spinning machines, Tapping center, etc.
•NC Lathe, High-speed Die Machinery, High-speed Slicer, Dicing Saw, Internal Grinder, Woodworking Machinery, Crusher, Blower, Pump, Compressor, etc.
•Most of precision grinder as Surface grinder, Forming grinder, Centerless grinder, Cylindrical grinder (-optional)

Model Variation



For balancing of flexible and rigid rotors.

•As increasing rotational speed and downsizing of machinery, relative stiffness becomes lower and lower. It causes critical speed will exist in operating speed range.
•Multi-speed multi-plane balancing method provides to defuse vibration at all operational rotating speed range.
Conventional constant speed balancing function is available.

High accuracy and efficient balancing 1 to 4 plane balancing

•Resolution of 0.001μm at up to 240,000min–1 (SB-7706RSB)
•Low speed balancing down to 60min-1model is available (SB-7706RLB)
•Measuring response is 5x fast by 2channel simultaneous measurement. (Compared to Sigma’s products)

After balancing vibration forecasting function

High efficiency balancing can be performed by after balancing vibration forecasting function.

FFT analyzer is equipped as standard

Frequency analysis and diagnostic of rolling bearing are included.


Vibration analysis functions

•Unbalance vibration monitoring •Harmonic analysis •Overall amplitude monitoring


Lissajous display function

•Lissajous at each rotational speed can be displayed continuously.
•Locus of shaft center can be observed easily.

Documentation and archiving

With our utility software, the measurement results can now be transferred directly onto your PC as CSV files and MS-Excel reports.
•Measurement data can be stored in microSD card.
•Screenshots can be stored in microSD memory or transferred to PC.

Documentation and archiving

Touch screen color LCD

•Easy operation with 5.7" graphical color display
•User-friendly procedure and help function

Unbalance correction by balance weights arrangement -optional

•Unbalance can be corrected by arranging 2 or 3 balance weights on the circumference. This method is popular for balancing of grinding wheels.
•If this method is applied to general industrial machinery, balance correction will be easily done only by rearrangement of balance weights, weight selection and/or fabrication is not needed.
•SB-7706RB series can be applied 1 plane(G) or 2 plane(GW) balancing.

Unbalance correction


•Unbalance correction by balance weights arrangement
•Vibration Sensor for multi-plane measurement

USB Interface
•USB mini-B connector

•microSD card slot

Instrument and all accessories are stored in an attaché case
Weight: 8kg(AC model)
4.4kg(Battery model)

Model suffix

Operating Flowchart

Operating Flowchart

Specifications: SB-7706RBseries